How to Choose the Perfect Designer

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How to Choose the Perfect Designer

The graphic design industry is saturated with tons of talented artists, many of which have impressive portfolios and make perfect promises. Out of all of the available options, how do you know who to pick for your design projects? Well, there are a couple of ways to at least narrow down your selection to make your final decision a bit easier.

Available Portfolio

As stated above, most designers should have a readily available portfolio to showcase their work on. Seeing this collection of past projects can help you gauge how experienced the designer is and what kinds of work they have done. This is also a good way to begin to see if they have a particular style that they do consistently, or if they are talented in many areas.

Similar Styles

As you start to see what kind of styles designers are fluent in, you can begin to narrow down which ones may or may not be a good fit with your company. You want your designer to specialize in, lean towards, or at least have experience with the kind of style that you would like your branding to consist of. Your style should line up with the overall feel of your business, have the same personality, and carry the same tone. Whoever you choose to be your designer should have the capacity to design your logo and branding and other materials to be true to that style. This is why finding someone who has experience with what you are looking for is extremely important.

Shows Interest

In order to be able to create a design that is true to the personality and brand message of your business, your designer should be striving to get to know the ins and outs of everything involved to truly understand the style they should be working within. During your initial communication with potential designers, pay attention to whether they are engaging and asking questions about what you are looking for and about the business itself. The more interest they show, the more they will know, and the easier it will be to get to where you want to go with your branding and other designs.

Easy, Clear Communication

Speaking of which, your designer should be easy to get ahold of and communicate with. Whether they prefer to be contacted via phone or email, or have in-person meetings, it should always be a simple process getting in contact with them. Considering that you will need to be conversing with them regarding the project, any edits you want, deadlines, payments, and more, having an easy to reach graphic designer will make your life tremendously easier. If any issues do arise, avoiding communication issues will also help to avoid potential delays in getting the project completed.

Takes Time to Explain

Going along with having clear communication, your designer should be willing to take the time to explain their design decisions, such as the reasoning behind their color choices and typography and more, as well as how it all relates to your business. If you have any further questions, they should be sure to answer them thoroughly and address any concerns you may have.

Overall, the process of searching for the perfect graphic designer can be overwhelming and daunting, however, there are many ways to narrow down the selection, bringing you closer to meeting your perfect match.

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