Increasing Organic Reach in Search Results

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Think of the last time you searched for something on Google. How many pages did you scroll through? Did you even look past the first 10 results? Studies have shown that the vast majority of people never look further than the first page of search results. Now think about your business. Does it rank within the first page on Google? If not, you could be missing out on a tremendous amount of potential customers and clients. In order to reach this audience, you must boost your SEO and rank high in organic search results related to your business. 

High-Ranking Website

Possibly the most impactful part of boosting your organic reach in search results is having a thoughtfully and functionally designed website. Google performs regular crawls of websites that determine where they rank within search results. There are many different factors that Google considers throughout this process, and your website should be designed with each one of them in mind. 


Your website should be easy to navigate, with each page’s topic being clearly stated and directions to other various pages easy to decipher. 


Your website should be functional across many different platforms. This means that it should be designed in a way where it is responsive with other screen sizes, such as tablet or mobile versions. 

Duplicate Content

Though content is key (we’ll discuss this in a minute), Google may flag your site as spam if there is too much duplicate content. Keeping things fresh and original is the way to go. 


Your website’s domain name should be reflective of your message and the content that is present on the site. 

When all of these factors have been considered in the design of the website, Google is much more likely to boost your placement within search results. 

Quality Content

As mentioned above, content is key. However, your website must have an abundance of quality content in order to be ranked well in search results. Content on your site must be relevant to your brand in some way, be formatted correctly for SEO, and should not be repetitive of what you have already published. Content loaded with just enough keywords will increase your success in searches. 

Having a strategy in place for the content that you post on your website is a great way to ensure that you aren’t repeating similar topics too frequently, and it allows you to get a game plan going before you start creating. Once you have a game plan, you can focus more attention to one content project at a time, making it easier to create quality content faster. 

Meta Data

For every page of your website and every image that appears on them, there is an opportunity to enter metadata such as descriptions, titles, and keywords. This extra step may seem tedious to some, but it can impact your rankings within search results tremendously. These can help expand your audience and make your site more visible to those searching for relevant terms. 

Though there are many ways to boost your visibility in search results with paid marketing, it is always a good idea to make sure that your site is ranking well organically as well. If you have questions about search engine optimization, or if you’re ready to take the next step boosting your organic search rankings, contact us today!


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