Logo Design

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Logo Design

The Impact of a Logo

The Nike Swoosh. The McDonald’s Golden Arches. The Target Bullseye. So recognizable, these logos are clearly understood without any additional information needed. Not only do they cause an immediate recognition, they are also memorable. A great majority of people can see the icon logos and know exactly what companies are being referenced without hesitation or question. This is the ultimate goal of every logo designed, to have such an impact on viewers, combined with a positive brand experience, to become industry icons.

To accomplish this, many aspects need to be considered. The creation of a logo should not be taken lightly by any means. A logo serves as the face of a company. It is more than just an image, it evokes feelings regarding the business itself, even on a subconscious level. Logos have the potential of making or breaking a company. They can determine the success and future of a company, and need to be treated carefully. Without taking everything into consideration, a logo design could theoretically tarnish a company’s reputation and brand image before the clients even have a chance to experience the company itself.

The Face of a Company

The best way to prevent sabotaging logos is to make sure the face of your company (your logo) matches the body of your company (your mission and the quality of services you provide). If your company is trendsetting, modern, and forward-thinking, your logo should have crisp lines, trendy colors, and currently popular design elements. If your company is well-established, professional, and conservative, muted colors and strong but subtle design elements would be more appropriate.

In addition, regardless of what style your logo is, it should be simple enough to be remembered, but detailed enough to be recognized. Logos should make a lasting impression, and that impression should lead to positive feelings about the company. When that happens, a subconscious correlation is created between the logo and optimistic emotions. Paired with a positive brand experience, this combination is deadly to your competition!

Logistically, logos should be uniform across all platforms, and should be legible and clear at every size those platforms present it as. It’s also important to have established logo alternates, for when circumstances do not accommodate your main logo. These alternate logos should include the same icon and/or typography as your main logo for recognition, but the layout may be altered to allow for usage in a variety of spaces.

When all of these aspects have been considered, as well as the underlying meanings of colors and typography, they can be pieced together into a quality logo that will serve as the face of a very successful company!

How Do I Get a Logo that Works for Me?

Are you in need of a logo to get your business going? Do you have a logo already, but it’s just not working for you? Contact us to see how we can help!

Feel free to check out our portfolio to see other logo projects and more!


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