How to Get the Perfect Logo

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How to Get the Perfect Logo

Whether you are starting a brand new business, or rebranding a current company, you probably recognize the importance of having an iconic logo. A good logo is going to increase brand recognition and recollection, therefore increasing your success as a business in general. When your potential clients see your logo, they should know who it is representing, the quality of the goods or services that you provide, and a sense of brand loyalty should be fostered. The more successful your logo is, the more successful your company will be.

You have most likely been a consumer of brands that already have perfectly successful logos, ones that you recognize in an instant, such as McDonald’s Golden Arches or the Nike Swoosh. Iconic logos like these have helped these brands grow continuously stronger, even gathering a cult-like following because of how well-known they are. So, how do you get the perfect logo? Well, there are a few factors that can affect the success of your branding.

“Perfect” is Relative

The first thing to understand is that perfection is relative when it comes to branding and logos. For instance, McDonald’s Golden Arches are highly successful for that brand, considering that the logo itself is reminiscent of their golden, warm French fries, and the color yellow is psychologically an appetizing color in marketing. However, if you are a tech-based company, curvy lines like the M and colors such as yellow will not be as aesthetically pleasing, and it would not make as much sense for your type of business.

This is why perfection is relative. Something that works for one company is not always guaranteed to work for another. Instead, it’s essential to analyze what colors and styles would be successful in each scenario. There is no one right answer, or the perfect layout that is certain to be effective across the board.

Cohesive Style

Regardless of what colors, typography, and elements are chosen for your logo and branding, they all should be cohesive and representative of your company as a whole. More specifically, the style of the logo should make sense when put all together. The psychology of the color scheme should align with the mood of the typography and the style of the lines or shapes or other elements that are included. If you put colors that translate as fun and quirky with serious serif font and boxy line elements, it may cause confusion with potential clients as it may not be clear what the style is representing.

Fits with Brand

In addition to having a cohesive style in general, it is essential that your logo fits with the rest of your brand. Branding is everything that makes up a company, such as the message, the personality, and the philosophy, as well as the face of the company, such as the logo and color scheme. You should take into consideration what the purpose of your business is, then analyze what colors, typography, etc. line up with the message you are trying to get across.


Your brand should have its own personality, one that matches the industry your company is in, as well as your business philosophy. One of the best ways to share this is through the logo. By choosing colors that truly express emotions and align with who your company is, as well as what potential clients will be looking for from your company, your brand personality will be evident from the very beginning. If represented correctly, this will draw even more customers in.

Overall, there is no one way to perfection when it comes to logos and branding. What works for one company may not work for yours. The best way to find your own perfect logo is to decide what your brand personality is, and choose elements that align with that as well as coinciding with each other.


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