Responsive Web Design and Why It Matters

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If you have been anywhere near websites or technology in recent years, you have probably heard the term responsive web design. You may be familiar with what this term means, or you may not understand it. You may even recognize it in practice, without consciously realizing that it is responsive web design. 

What is Responsive Web Design? 

In essence, responsive web design is a website that is designed to respond to whatever size screen it is on. When viewed on a mobile phone, the layout is optimized for this screen size, and certain elements can be configured for scrolling and clicking manually as opposed to with a mouse or trackpad. If a website is not designed to be responsive, and a potential customer tries to view it on a mobile device, there can be excessive amounts of scrolling and extra work in order to see all of the content present. 

Why Responsive Web Design? 

Once you understand what responsive web design is, it becomes easier to understand why it is so important. Given that attention spans are ever-shortening, it is essential to have a website that is easy to use and visually appealing. By creating your business website to be responsive, you achieve both of these goals. 

User Experience

Responsive web design creates a smooth user experience, optimizing the entire site to be viewed and accessed on multiple platforms. This provides customers with the same experience regardless of what device they are viewing on. This consistency is vital to building a successful brand and fostering loyal customers. 

Visual Appeal

First impressions are key. A good first impression of your website, provided by responsive web design, increases the chances of customers returning to your brand. Visual appeal portrays the rest of your business and therefore, careful consideration to it in its entirety is essential. 

As you can see, responsive web design is crucial for multiple reasons. If you need your website adjusted, or made to be responsive, contact our experts today. 


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