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At MNGR, our talented social media marketing team gets to know your business inside and out, from your message, to your tone, and your style. The content we produce for your social media platforms represents your company accurately and is true to your branding. We want every aspect of representation for your company to be unified with the same message that you stand for. Whether its social media, blog posts, or website content, we’ll make sure to present your business the same on all platforms.

Content Strategy

Content creation is a huge part of having an online presence, especially when it relates to search engine optimization and including keywords in your blog or social posts. Creating effective content drives engagement on your social media pages, creates actionable conversations, and increases the number of potential customers exposed to your brand or products. At mngr, we discover your brand’s goal, and we make it our mission to make that happen for you. We develop a content strategy that is driven by getting you the results that you want. 

Brand Personality

Maintaining brand image by curating and designing imagery that portrays your message and aligns with the brand’s personality is important. Imagery can be interpreted in a variety of ways and it takes a skilled branding and social expert to create an effective strategy that fits your particular needs. You can have a content strategy and ideas of how you would like to present your brand, but unless you possess the creative ability to bring these ideas to life, they will not make it to your social media platforms. 

Action Strategy

An action strategy is the secret to any successful social media presence that is often overlooked by businesses. Having a purpose with every single social post to create an action can become a lead generation, search engine optimization, and website traffic tool. Once we develop a content strategy, and create the visual components of said strategy, we develop a plan for posting. Scheduling out social posts to coincide with email blasts, store promotions, and events is a proven way to present your brand cohesively across all platforms. 

MNGR’s Solution 

If you use social networking correctly, it can help you in a variety of ways, including lead generation and increasing brand awareness. However, maintaining your own social media platforms, creating and posting relevant content on all of them and following up on maintenance and public relations can eat up a tremendous amount of time and energy if you do it manually. Keep in mind, this has to be done for every social media platform that you are active on, including a blog if you have one.

Because of the time commitment it takes to effectively manage your social media presence, many companies hire a third-party business to handle this for them. This company creates a social media marketing plan and executes all of the posting upon these platforms in order to boost your business’ brand awareness and success online. Your social media manager can also tailor your media engagement to align with your other marketing plans, so there is uniformity across the board, and your entire company is working towards the same goal. At mngr, we have an experienced social media management staff, and can effectively handle your strategy from content to action. Contact us today!


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