The Importance of Quality Hosting

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What is Hosting? 

Before we can dive into why it’s important to have quality hosting, its essential to make sure you have a solid understanding of what hosting is first. Let’s break it down. You have a company, and you want a website. You already have started stockpiling content ideas, color schemes, visual elements, and have brainstormed what kind of functionality you want your website to have in order to most accurately represent your business and achieve your goals. This is all a great start, but how do you get it all online? The answer: hosting. 

In order to get your website up and running, and accessible to the general public, you need a hosting provider. Web hosts are companies that specialize in providing server space on which you can store your website. When visitors come to your site, data is transmitted between the server that your site is stored on and the visitor’s device. The speed at which this data is transmitted, and the quality of content that comes through can be greatly determined by the level of hosting that you have, so investing in a quality web hosting provider is essential. 

What Determines Quality Hosting? 

Web Hosting Plans

A quality hosting provider typically offers a couple of plans in order to best serve your particular business needs. This includes the ability to scale up as your business grows. Flexibility is an important factor with web hosting. 

Customer Service

Equally as important as the quality of hosting is the quality of customer service. If something does happen to go wrong, you want to be able to access support and be met with a positive customer experience. Support should also be available 24/7, which limits the amount of downtime. 

Maximum Uptime

Speaking of downtime, it is essential to make sure that your site is up and running as much as possible. A quality hosting provider has a solid uptime record of at least 99%. This means that your website is accessible and functioning properly almost nonstop.

What Happens if Your Hosting is Subpar?

Now that we’ve detailed what makes a quality hosting provider, let’s talk about what happens if your web host is less than. 

Loss of Revenue

Let’s say that your business has an online store, or you book appointments for services online. If your site goes down, your potential clients or customers no longer have access to your shop or booking software. This means no sales, which means no revenue. With a subpar hosting provider, there could be many times when your site is down, and every little bit of revenue lost adds up. 

Negative SEO Impact

The goal of every website is to appear on the first page of search results, or at least the first 2-3. In order to achieve this, many companies invest time into optimizing their websites. When search engines go to visit, or crawl, your page in order to determine how to rank it, if your site is down, it can negatively impact your SEO. 


As mentioned previously, quality hosting providers typically offer SSL certificates or other security measures. A subpar web host may not offer this service, however, leaving your website vulnerable to cyber attacks. Your website could be hacked, and sensitive information could be accessed and leaked. This does not create a positive experience for your customers. 

MNGR’s Solution

At mngr, we pride ourselves in offering the best quality services to our clients all for a fair price. We have web hosting starting at just $10, and we are flexible with what we provide should you need more than our basic plan. We have an outstanding uptime record and are available at all times in order to make sure that your site is working properly. Not only that, but we guarantee quick load times, and we also offer search engine optimization so that your website can reach its fullest potential. Want to see what we can do for you? Contact us today!


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