What’s In a Name?

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The Art of Picking an Effective Domain Name

Think about the websites that you go to regularly. Now, think about what you type to get to those websites. More often than not, the domain names of successful businesses and sites are synonymous with the actual name of the company. Sometimes, this isn’t the case, or sometimes, that particular domain name is already spoken for. In these circumstances, it becomes essential to be both creative and strategic with picking a domain name. 

Your domain name is one of the first impressions that clients will get of your company, as well as aiding in SEO and defining your brand, so choosing an effective one can make or break your business. Though there are no “rules” to follow when picking a domain name per se, there are certainly some guidelines that would be wise to follow in order to gain the most success. 

Choosing the Right Extension

Across the board, the most common website extension is .com. Though there are some notable and reliable sites that end with .net or .org, it is usually a safe bet to pick a .com domain, as your clients will be most familiar with it. 

Make it Memorable

Pick a domain name that is brandable and unique, not something that is generic and bland. By choosing something that is easy to remember, you increase the chances of clients recalling it for extended periods of time, as well as increasing word of mouth recommendations. Clients are more likely to talk about a brand that is different than the rest, than one that blends in. You can accomplish this by creating new words, using synonyms for common words, or brainstorming with name generators. 

Keep it Simple

Don’t go overboard with the domain name. Keeping it short (6-14 characters preferably) makes it easier to remember, type, and repeat. While you want to make your domain name unique, you also want to make sure that it is easy to type out, and to pronounce. 

Consider Keywords

If you have a tailored audience, or you cater to certain products or services, you may want to consider utilizing a related keyword in your domain name. Over-packing keywords into your domain is spammy and unnecessary, but adding a select one could prove useful for SEO. 

Make Sure it’s Available

You won’t be able to register a domain name that is already in use, but even if it is available, you may want to check other platforms, such as social media sites to ensure that you can create a matching username before you commit. Consistency will help clients remember both your domain name and your usernames, so having them be the same may be beneficial to your business. 

Domain names are extremely important to the success of a business, and picking one should be carefully considered. Once you’ve decided on a domain name, let us take it from there. We can handle the hosting, as well as the design and maintenance of your site. Learn more here: https://mngragency.com/domains/


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