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Maximize ROI with MNGR’s targeted Pay Per Click Advertising strategies.

Pay per Click Advertising Services


We provide expert PPC services across a variety of platforms, each offering its unique blend of audience and opportunities:

Google Ads

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

Twitter Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Yelp Ads

Amazon Ads

Microsoft Ads

Youtube Ads

Our pay per click advertising services are equally customized to fit your whole approach towards lead generation. We will also ensure that any method we have suggested for your business is professionally carried out by our team.


Why MNGR for PPC


At MNGR Agency, we view PPC as a meticulously cultivated garden rather than a fast-growing magic beanstalk. Sure, you might witness quick growth initially, but we believe in continually pruning and refining your campaigns to maximize your return on investment. Our dedicated team of green-thumbed campaign managers constantly keeps an eye on the performance of your ads, striving to improve the quality of leads over time. Their tools? Ongoing research, rigorous testing, and a keen sense for identifying top-notch ad buys to stretch your budget and foster genuine engagement.
With the right execution, a PPC campaign can transform casual browsers into committed buyers. But we recognize that not all gardens are suited for every crop. Pay per click advertising may not be the ideal strategy for every client, which is why we perform deep-diving industry research right off the bat to understand its potential role in your lead generation strategy.

At MNGR Agency, we firmly believe in making every penny of your budget count, targeting areas that will yield the most fruitful returns.

Brandon Davis, the founder of MNGR, has been pioneering brand growth through online platforms since 2004. As digital advertising evolved, he quickly mastered each new wave, consistently staying ahead in the game. Today, he leads a team of seasoned PPC experts, all committed to helping brands outperform their competition with innovative strategies.

Our mission at MNGR is to equip brands so that they can unleash their maximum digital strength. We focus on innovative techniques within professional contexts of Pay Per Click Advertising, SEO, and other forms of interactive online marketing in order to create individualized outcomes.

We use state-of-the-art technology and tools, hold ourselves to the highest standards, and build long term relationships. We do not just seek to succeed but aim at raising new bars in digital marketing to ensure that our customers grow past their expectations of performance.

PPC Service Pricing


Our pay per click services are tailored to your budget and business goals. Our competitive pricing ensures maximum ROI, and our attention to detail is unmatched.

Campaign Requirements

  • Minimum Campaign Length: 4 Months
  • Minimum Ad Spend: $2,500/month

MNGR Charges

  • Setup Fee: $250 per Platform
  • Service Fee: 10% of Ad Spend

Creative Assets

  • Graphics, photos, or videos are billed separately at our hourly rate.

Campaign Inclusions

  • Custom Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Monthly Reports
  • Custom Audiences *
  • Retargeting *
  • Landing Page Optimization **

*Based on platform capabilities
**May require additional fees

Let’s Talk PPC


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Pay Per Click Advertising Options


Pay per click advertising with MNGR isn’t just “running ads” – it is a whole suite of strategic tools, each with its role in building your online presence and marketing your services to the right audience.

At MNGR, your trusted pay-per-click advertising partner, we don’t leave you to navigate this on your own. We work closely with your team to determine the most suitable PPC ad types that will effectively fuel your sales funnel. This collaborative approach ensures that your PPC efforts are focused, efficient, and, ultimately, successful.


Search Ads

Search advertising is the poster child of paid search marketing. These ads greet potential customers who are actively scouring the internet for offerings that match your industry or brand.

Tailor-made for brief sales cycles or one-off campaign promotions, these pay-per-click ads serve as digital lighthouses, guiding interested searchers straight to your doorstep. At MNGR, your reliable PPC partner, we give a thumbs-up to search advertising for businesses keen on reeling in robust, high-quality leads and turning new customers into brand ambassadors.


Display Ads

Renowned for its far-reaching capabilities, display advertising is the digital equivalent of casting a wide net, capable of engaging over 90 percent of the online populace. These ads make their cameo on Google’s affiliate websites, making a beeline for users who’ve been browsing sites related to your industry.

By combining captivating visuals and compelling text, display advertising is like a digital billboard, grabbing users’ attention and nudging them towards action. At MNGR, your go-to PPC experts, we endorse display advertising for companies that play the long game with extensive sales cycles, or those courting niche or upscale clientele.


Social Ads

Social media paid advertising is like the sprouting beanstalk in the fairytale of PPC services, growing at a breathtaking pace. These ads come to life on social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, fine-tuned to connect with prospects based on their passions, circles, and interests, among other things.

Picture them as digital chameleons, blending into the social landscape while standing out to the right people. For brands that already have their fingers on the social media pulse and a keen eye on a specific audience, social media advertising is a fitting match.


Remarketing Ads

Think of remarketing as your brand’s friendly digital nudge, gently reminding those high-potential customers to pay you another visit and, ideally, make that decisive conversion. Remarketing ads act like a virtual sticky note, prompting folks who’ve perused your site before to return and take the leap.

The beauty of remarketing lies in its cost-effectiveness – with fewer competitors jostling for space and a laser-focused customer segment, your ad budget can stretch even further. At MNGR, we tap into intelligent PPC ad formats and extensions to ensure your PPC campaign yields impressive results and, ultimately, boosts your bottom line.


Google Shopping Ads

Think of Google Shopping ads as the digital window shopping experience for websites bursting at the seams with products. These PPC ads pop up in a carousel formation, either nestled beside or sitting atop Google’s main search results, allowing potential customers to peruse products and price tags right on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) – all before setting digital foot on any website.

This implies that every click you’re investing in is more likely to transform into a conversion, given that your target customers have likely already window-shopped their options via Google Shopping ads. At MNGR, we tip our hats to Google Shopping for eCommerce businesses with their sights set on customers who are ready to go from just browsing to clicking that ‘buy now’ button.


Youtube Ads

In-stream ads, also affectionately known as YouTube ads, are PPC stars that strut their stuff on YouTube search results, within YouTube videos, and alongside video partners on the Display Network. They offer a stage for your brand to perform a unique and memorable act that leaves the audience wanting an encore.

And the stage has only gotten bigger with Facebook recently rolling out the red carpet for in-stream ads, providing companies the prime-time slots and natural intermissions in video content to showcase their advertisements. Talk about a blockbuster opportunity!


Local Services Ads

Google Local Services Ads are like personalized digital billboards, helping local service businesses reel in leads via phone calls and message requests. They conveniently pop up for the right local businesses when a potential customer is on the hunt, perched right at the top of Google’s search results.

These ads can showcase your business’s name, reviews, ratings, location, contact details, operating hours, and more.


Streaming Ads

Unlike conventional radio, which primarily targets listeners lounging at home or cruising in their cars, streaming audio serves as the faithful companion to on-the-go audiences. Ads that resonate on platforms like Pandora and Spotify keep pace with users across a multitude of connected devices, be it phones, desktops, or smart speakers, giving your message more avenues to click with listeners.

As for video streaming ads, they’re the new-age commercials that punctuate TV content consumed via an internet-connected device. Unlike their traditional TV counterparts, these streaming TV ads grace your screen on platforms like Hulu and Prime Video either before or amidst the streaming content on ad-supported networks and apps. It’s like enjoying the halftime show without needing a ticket to the game!

Pay Per Click Advertising FAQ

What is PPC advertising and how does it work?

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click advertising, is an online marketing model where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically. Advertisers bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links for keywords related to their business offering.

Why should I choose MNGR for my PPC campaigns?
MNGR combines expertise in market trends, user behavior, and cutting-edge technology to create PPC campaigns that deliver real results. Our approach is data-driven and tailored to each client, ensuring not just increased traffic but enhanced quality of traffic leading to better conversion rates.
Can PPC help my business grow?
Absolutely. PPC can rapidly drive targeted traffic to your website, which can lead to increased sales, brand exposure, and market leadership. It’s an especially effective strategy for quick results and can complement long-term strategies like SEO.
How much does PPC advertising cost?
The cost of PPC advertising varies based on several factors, including the competitiveness of your keywords, the quality of your ad campaigns, and your target audience. We recommend ad spend amounts based on your strategy and our management fees are simple and transparent:

$250 setup fee per platform
10% of total ad spend

How long does it take to see results from PPC?
One of the advantages of PPC is that you can see results almost immediately after your ads start running. However, for more comprehensive and optimized results, it typically takes a few weeks to analyze and tweak campaigns.
What makes a successful PPC campaign?
A successful PPC campaign involves thorough keyword research, compelling ad copy, targeted ad placement, continuous monitoring, and regular optimization. MNGR ensures all these elements are expertly handled for maximum campaign effectiveness.
Can I target specific locations with my PPC ads?
Yes, location targeting is a key feature of PPC advertising. You can target specific cities, regions, or even a radius around a location to ensure your ads are seen by your preferred audience.
How do I track the performance of my PPC campaigns?
MNGR provides monthly reporting on your PPC campaigns, including metrics like click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, cost per click (CPC), and overall ROI. This helps you understand the effectiveness of your campaigns and areas for improvement.
Can PPC work for small businesses?
Definitely. PPC is scalable and can be tailored to suit any budget, making it an excellent option for small businesses looking to grow their online presence and compete with larger players.

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