All Inclusive Branding

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All Inclusive Branding

Branding Basics

Branding is everything that makes up a company’s identity. It not only includes the logo, typography, color schemes that are visible, but also the feelings that these elements evoke. At BattleAxe, brand continuity is especially important to us, as we feel that any encounter with a brand should evoke the same emotions, and should be recognized as one and the same. To ensure this continuity, we create branding guides that detail logo design specifics and alternates, acceptable typography, and provided brand colors.

As a professional graphic design company, we rely on these guides to keep your company looking unified and dignified, regardless of what platform we are presenting you on. In this way, when we design your website, your brand colors will be the same as when we design your business cards, and your logo, the face of your company, will remain uniform, ensuring that your brand is recognized and remembered.

Branding in Action

Recently, we were contacted by a client of ours, Vegas Sports and Hockey, to do a complete branding package for their new business. To start off, we created a custom logo incorporating aspects of local sports teams, such as a hockey stick, shield, and cutlass, combined to foster a feeling of home town pride. We also picked a color scheme with this same idea in mind, deciding on red, gray, black, and white, reminiscent of UNLV and Raiders colors.

After designing their logo, we moved on to creating their custom business cards. Staying true to our belief that continuity is key, we included the same branding colors and chose other elements that furthered the feeling of uniformity. We also designed additional printing materials for Vegas Sports and Hockey to advertise their grand opening event. To complete this project, we had the opportunity to continue the brand image into their store itself by creating the signage on the storefront.

See everything we designed for Vegas Sports and Hockey and other full branding packages here.

How Can BattleAxe Help Your Brand?

Do you need a new logo or a logo redesign? Are you looking to create a cohesive branding package for your company? Let us know what we can do for you!


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