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What would you do if you were able to free up an entire day at work? You could, if you automated some of your online marketing efforts. The reality is that most businesses, especially small businesses, don’t have the time or the resources to support an entire marketing operation. When you’re limited on time and resources, the first tasks on the chopping block may be social media and online marketing. While doing so may save you some time, it will surely slow the flow of business that you see. The solution? Automate your online marketing efforts so that you can don’t have to spend valuable time micromanaging your marketing. 

What is Automated Marketing? 

Automated online marketing refers to the software, technology, and strategies that allow business owners and marketing departments alike to market more effectively and efficiently on any of the several platforms that they prefer. Automated Marketing can refer to email marketing, social media marketing, or any other form of content marketing where you set up a workflow and let the program handle the repeated tasks. 

Of course, the most common example of automated online marketing that you may come across on a daily basis is the automated email campaign. Automated email campaigns allow you to reach customers in a target audience without having to manually press “send” on every individual email. 

How does automation work?

One of the common misconceptions regarding the term automation, is that it works without any human input — this is of course false. Note that Automated Marketing is a combination of both software that allows you to automate repetitive tasks and the human input required to create and maintain an effective online marketing campaign. 

Think of automated online marketing as one of Kevin Mccallister’s elaborate booby traps from the movie Home Alone. Kevin spends some time planning out the booby trap: where he wants to execute his plan, what will trigger the booby trap, and what will happen when the Harry and Marv eventually trigger the booby trap. 

Your online marketing campaign would essentially work in the same way. You spend some time planning your campaign: what platforms you would like to use, who your target audience is, what will trigger your content (a purchase, a non-purchasing visitor or simply a pre-scheduled time). Once the content is built and your parameters set, you can sit back and watch your marketing campaign work on its own and adjust where you feel your campaign is misfiring. 

Is Automated Marketing Right For Your Business? 

Automated marketing can help you grow your operation by helping you identify your audience, create campaigns, workflows, and triggers that send your content out on schedule or as a response to customer behaviors. Automating your marketing efforts can: 

Save time by not micromanaging

Allow you to appear active to users, even when you’re not (like weekends!) 

Identify your target audiences

Reach former customers that you may have forgotten about

Remarket to website visitors who didn’t convert into customers

Let MNGR handle your online marketing 

As a small business owner, you may have to wear a lot of hats. While, taking on your online marketing strategy yourself might save you money at first, it won’t save you time. 

At MNGR we specialize in managing the online presence for businesses who want to maintain a relevant presence online that is consistent with their brand. We manage websites, social media, and content marketing to ensure that your marketing is working for you. We create content, schedule posts and make sure that your marketing is consistent with your brand. Contact us today. 


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