Why Isn’t My Business Showing Up in Searches?

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What’s the point in having a website for your company if your customers can’t find it, right? In order for your website to be discoverable by current and potential clients alike, it has to show up in relevant searches. If you are wondering how to get your business to rank better in search results, this is the blog post for you. Let’s check out some ways we can make sure your site doesn’t get lost in the abyss of the world wide web.


Once your website has been created, it’s important to ensure that it is properly optimized for peak placement in search results. There are a few aspects that contribute to this site optimization.


Picking relevant keywords for your business is a great place to start with optimizing your website. Consider what search terms your customers might use when they are looking for the services or products your business offers. You can also try some sample searches yourself, and see if your competition utilizes certain keywords or keyword phrases. After brainstorming a few starter keywords, you can utilize a keyword planning tool to see how strong those options are, and get some additional ideas to try. Check out our blog on picking relevant keywords for more information.


Another key aspect to optimizing your site is to make sure that the design is fully responsive and functional across many different platforms. This means that your customers will have the same experience with your website regardless of what device they are using to access it. Your site should be designed in a way where it is responsive with other screen sizes, such as tablet or mobile versions. Check out our website design services here.


Using the keywords you have determined to be the most relevant to your business, ensure that the content on your website is quality. Presenting useful information about your company, the services or products you offer, and why clients should care, are all good places to start when it comes to the written content you create for your site. If you need assistance with content creation, check out our copywriting services here.


In addition to make sure you are doing all of the right things with your website, it is equally as important to make sure you are avoiding doing any of the wrong things. There are some common mistakes when it comes to optimizing your site. Check out the full list of SEO tactics bad for business here.


When it comes to ranking on Google, slow load times will quickly push your website further and further down the list. Google places a high priority on websites that load fast and load correctly. Bogging your website down with excessive animations, large file sizes, and videos will cause the loading times to skyrocket, which is unfavorable with Google, and will lose the attention of your potential clients almost immediately.


Duplicating content incessantly merely to add more pages to the site or to have blog posts pushed out frequently is another common error when it comes to website optimization. While regular content creation is necessary to rank well in search results, churning out the same content over and over will only harm your SEO.


As previously discussed, relevant keywords will make your site searchable for potential customers looking for the services or products you offer. However, including these keywords too frequently throughout your content can appear spammy and will be penalized by Google. There’s a delicate balance between just enough and too many, and it is imperative to learn how to walk that fine line.

If you have further questions about how to get your website ranking better in search results, or if you would like assistance optimizing it, contact our team of experts today. We have years of experience and look forward to putting it to good use creating success for your company.


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