Business Social Media: What Not To Do

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Social media is ever-prevalent in today’s society, and in order to run a successful business and relate to your audience and potential clients, your company should have a presence on social media as well. There are differences in how to run a business social media account and a person one, however. Some things that may be acceptable on an individual’s account can actually drive business away from a company account. Let’s take a look at some of the business social media don’ts, and why they aren’t the greatest ideas when it comes to building a following and increasing your business. 

DON’T: Be Needy

Constant pleas for shares, likes, and follows are a quick trip to annoying your potential fanbase. These are no way to build a solid following, and the consumers who do react to these kinds of messages, are likely doing so simply to stop being asked. 

DON’T: Spam

Nobody wants to follow a page that instantly drowns out the rest of their feed. Space out your posts, share relevant information, and mix it up a bit, keeping your content fresh and enjoyable for those who are choosing to view your company’s profiles. 

DON’T: Complain

Social media is no place to complain, vent, or throw anyone under the bus. This goes for business social media accounts as well. If your company has a complaint to file with another company or individual, it should be done professionally and privately. 

DON’T: Overemphasize

NO ONE LIKES BEING YELLED AT ON SOCIAL MEDIA. #drama #backoff #calmdown. The overuse of ALL CAPS and #hashtags can be overwhelming, distracting, and off-putting to potential customers. Use these sparingly, and only when necessary to make a point. 

DON’T: Obsess over the Numbers

Last, but not least, don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. There are many options to follows and likes, to falsely increase your numbers, however, the goal of social media for businesses is to engage with real, genuine followers and potential customers. 

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