Getting Your Paid Ads in Front of the Right People

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In a previous blog post, we discussed why determining your audience is important and how to go about doing this. Now that you know how to figure out who you should be marketing and advertising to, it’s time to take it a step further and go over getting your paid ads in front of the right people. Simply knowing who you are trying to reach is not enough, you need to know how to get your message to them.


Before you can begin serving up ads to your ideal audience, you have to have a campaign created. There are many moving pieces to this puzzle, and many parts that contribute to the whole of a successful campaign.


Having an idea of the purpose you are working towards with your digital advertising makes it easier to measure your progress towards that goal. If you want more website traffic, you can tailor your message and measure your results based on this metric. If you want to focus solely on conversions, you can adjust your tactics to achieve this. Know what you are hoping to accomplish, and create your campaign with this in mind.


In order to make an impression on your intended audience, your campaign needs to have copy that is memorable. Catchy phrasing and witty remarks are important, but they also need to express what it is you are advertising. Your purpose should be clear and the call to action should be concise, driving the results you are seeking. If your headline or CTA does not provide direction or any incentive to investigate further, your audience won’t really have a reason to care.


Chances are, your audience will not even read your copy before they look at the creative content that accompanies it. Eye-catching graphics that make sense with your message are a sure-fire way to create more clicks. Better yet, if there is a video providing useful information such as an intriguing story or instructional tutorial, your campaign has even higher chances of being successful.


Now that you have this killer campaign created, how do you get it in front of the audience you have determined to be ideal? There are a few ways to go about serving up your advertisements.


This kind of advertisement focuses on targeting specific keywords or audience demographics. These ads appear at the top of search results, are typically text-based, and can be beneficial for driving traffic to your website, as well as generating leads for business. If you are looking to increase the amount of visitors your site sees, or are looking to advertise where your audience is searching, this is the kind of ad you need.


This kind of advertisement focuses on visuals or banners created to capture your audience’s attention. There are many different sizes generated so they can appear in an ideal manner no matter where they are placed. These ads are driven by a strong call to action, which generates clicks and also increases brand awareness. If you are a new business looking to get your name out there, or you have a specific service you would like to draw attention to, a display ad might be the route you should take.


This kind of advertisement focuses on reaching your audience where they spend the majority of their time online: social media. Social ads leverages platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to achieve your marketing goals. These platforms are equipped with unique capabilities to observe your audience and create similar ones based on activity, interests, and purchasing habits. Because of this ability, you can fine-tune and tailor who your ads are shown to. Since social media usage is incredibly expansive, a lot can be achieved with this kind of advertisement.


Simply serving up solid advertisements is not the end of the line, however. You could do all the initial research, create a catchy campaign, and present it on the right platforms, but it still might not get you the results you want. Analyzing what happens when your advertisements are active, and making appropriate adjustments can help you get to the goal you are hoping to achieve. Track your progress towards this goal, try various approaches, switch up the creative content, the copy, the audience demographic, and more, and you are more likely to see success. Ads are not one-size-fits all, and they are not set-it-and-forget-it. Successful ad campaigns require attention, trial and error, and adaptations.

Running advertisements can be a tremendous undertaking. From knowing how to determine your audience, to deciding on your goals, to generating your creative content, to pushing the ads to the right platforms, to analyzing and adjusting, there is a lot to manage. Luckily, it’s our job to know how to make you successful. Want help getting your paid ads in front of the right people? Contact our digital advertising experts today and see how we can get you where you want to be.


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