Importance of a Branding Guide

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Importance of a Branding Guide

What is a Branding Guide?

A brand is more than just the company itself. Brand entails the imagery that comes to mind when thinking of the company, the identity or such brand, as well as the feelings that the brand evokes. Brand images can make or break a company’s success, before the consumer even has a chance to experience what the brand offers. Since it is so detrimental, it is essential to create the best first impression. To do so, it is extremely helpful to have a branding guide.

A branding guide is a collection of items that are integral to a company, or brand’s identity. This document not only includes the main logo, but also correct usage for such, required spacing around the logo, and the minimum size the logo can be presented in. Alternate logos are provided in case space or layout does not accommodate the main logo. In addition, color values are included, as is the specific typography to be used in various scenarios.

When all of this information is compiled together, it makes portraying your company in the best light tremendously easier. Your branding guide keeps brand essentials conveniently packaged in one document to maintain a professional and cohesive image, increasing brand recognition, memorability, and creating a positive experience for your clients.

Putting Your Best Face Forward

Here at MNGR, we believe that every company should be equipped to put their best face forward. In every branding project we do, we invest our time and effort to get your company to the next level. We realize that good branding gets companies further faster, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide that.

From the beginning, we take time to get to know your business, what sets you apart, what your mission is, what goods or services you provide, and everything that makes you, you. We get a feel for your future, what your goals are, and we start thinking how we can help you get there. While we handle the designing, we do value input and often give a few options for the direction the design can go. Our expert designers choose design elements and colors that reflect the feelings that your company wants to evoke, and compiles everything into one convenient package, the branding guide.

We then use that branding guide to determine the design of any further projects you need completed. By basing all future designs on the guidelines provided in the branding guide, the brand image remains cohesive and unified, like every successful business should be.

As you can see below, our client’s business cards and stationery are all cohesive and clearly the same company, because they follow the guidelines established in the branding guide pictured above.

Need to Get Your Brand on the Same Page?

Are you interested in having a branding guide created for your company? Whether you have a new start up in need of a full branding package, including logo design, or if you have an existing business that needs rebranded or updated, we here at BattleAxe can help! Contact us today to let us know what we can do for you!

In the meantime, check out the work we’ve done for other clients here!


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