SEO and Keyword Relevance: How to Market Your Business

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At MNGR our experienced team of Search Engine Optimization experts in Las Vegas focus their efforts on increasing search index visibility for our clients. With nearly 12 years in this field, driving traffic through search marketing is one of our specialties. Our proven systems and processes have delivered measurable results for our clients that have set them apart from their competition.

What is SEO? 

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is essentially optimizing your business’ website to appear higher in search results, increasing your exposure to potential clients, and therefore boosting your sales. SEO is made up of several parts, such as content writing, on-page optimization (made up of keywords, links, and meta data), and off-page strategy (domain authority and backlinks). 

There are many ways to go about managing SEO for your business, some more effective than others, but all of them include remaining relevant, and regularly updating content and information. Google’s algorithms change regularly and it takes a specialist to understand these changes and be able to adapt. Older SEO tactics and black hat methods of search engine optimization can damage a website’s rank and a business’ online presence. At mngr, we focus on proven white hat methods of creating quality content, building keyword and link strategies, and research.

How Do Keywords Affect SEO? 

Keywords play a major role in SEO, and can make or break your success in the goal of appearing on the first page of search results. Keywords are what potential clients are using to search for businesses, products, and services. It is essential to consider which keywords closely align with your company, and determine which ones should be focused on in order to draw in the clientele that you desire. 

By including these keywords within the content on your website pages, your visibility to those searching for these terms is greatly boosted. At mngr, we utilize tracking programs to compare your keyword success with your top competitors and determine ways to boost your visibility even more, giving you the edge over your competition. 

Successful SEO

The ultimate goal of our SEO campaigns at mngr is to organically increase positions within search results, which in turn results in higher traffic, more visibility and higher conversions. Our experience, resources and tools enable us to design each custom optimization campaign around your business; with long tail keywords, Geo targeting and website structure in mind.

The philosophy behind natural growth Search Engine Optimization Strategy is to embrace the elements that the Search Engine considers important now and foresee upcoming changes in the Search algorithm. In-depth research and analysis of the past allows us to create strategic SEO services for our clients moving forward.

Make sure that your website is optimized for search results, and that your business is discoverable by those searching for it, or ones similar. Take advantage of our in depth knowledge of SEO, and let us help your business become as successful as possible. 


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