Hey Google, How Will “Smart” Speakers Change The Way That Digital Advertising Uses SEO?

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Hey Google, How Will “Smart” Speakers Change The Way That Digital Advertising Uses SEO?

How do Digital Advertisers use SEO to drive traffic?

Ever since Smartphones revolutionized the way that consumers not only communicate, but consume digital media over a decade ago, (yes, 2007 is that far away now), technology has only continued to transform the way that digital advertisers, like us here at mngr, use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to approach digital content and marketing as a whole.  

Search Engines, like Google, use an algorithm to rank websites based off of a variety of factors. Understanding what elements the Search Engine considers to be important is crucial to understanding what methods will improve a website’s rank which will result in higher traffic, more visibility and higher conversions.

From Searching to Speaking

Google Hub (Google Home and Google Assistant) and Amazon’s “Alexa” dominate the market of home “Smart” Speakers and they are changing the way that consumers search the web. Surveys from both Voicebot.ai and Edison Research show that there are about 130 million smart speakers in use in the United States and this number is growing daily. This is signaling a transition from the use of short key-words and phrases being typed into search bars, to the use of long-tailed requests like “Hey Google, where can I find a digital marketing company to boost my online presence near Las Vegas?”

Adapting to Voice Assisted Searching

The internet is always changing at a rapid pace and maintaining a relevant online presence means that here at mngr we are always paying attention to how the content we put out for clients will be received and perceived by a Search Engine’s algorithm.

Voice-assisted Smart Speakers try to respond to questions and requests as humanly as possible. This means that as voice assisted searches increase and the focus shifts away from short key-words to long-tailed requests, content will need to be geared towards conversational language that can answer: who, what, when, where, why, and how. Because voice-assisted Smart Speakers will pull the search results up in in this manner, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your online content is ranked as highly as possible.

How do you stay relevant to your audience?

What does your business’s online presence look like? Let us put our knowledge of social media marketing and digital advertising to work for you and help boost your exposure. Contact us today!


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