Social Media Marketing – Staying Relevant to Your Business’s Audience

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Let’s face it, the days where companies could not only stay afloat, let-alone thrive, with nothing more than word-of-mouth advertising are long behind us. Social Media marketing changed the way that businesses stay relevant to their audience. This is often a hard pill to swallow for many established businesses, whether they are your local “Mom and Pop” shops or white-collar firms.

It just seems that the importance of social media marketing is lost on those who, perhaps simply lacked the exposure to social media in the same way that a teen who was raised in the era of MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and every other “.com” was. Understandable. Yet understanding how this fascination with personal branding on social media translates into your business’s own online presence is crucial to staying on top of your company’s digital marketing.

One could easily have dismissed social media as nothing more than a distraction for narcissistic adolescentes who spent hours connecting with others online to push their own personal brand and reach a status of “twitter famous.” Fair enough, but the wave of personal branding that was happening would spawn an entire culture around ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ that can be translated into real monetary profits. So what can businesses learn from millenials who grew up in the age of online social media?


First, recognizing that everything and everyone is a brand and it is important to stay true to your brand and message. Having an online presence and how that presence is perceived is critical to the success of your brand. Take Facebook for example. The most recent statistics show that there are over 2.32 Billion active monthly users on as of the last quarter of 2018. This means that on a single site, there are 2.32 billion potential customers, clients or business partners. Now take that same idea and apply that to expand on it to include the entirety of the internet. How many potential clients use Google or Bing as search engines?


Understanding how a digital marketing agency can maximize your online presence is important to growing your business. Here at mngr, we manage your online presence so you can focus on making your service the best out there.

It is important to have consistency in your brand across all platforms. At mngr, we analyze data from every corner of your online presence and create targeted content for all of your websites and social media accounts in order to establish a clear and consistent voice that represents your brand.This helps ensure that your business’s brand stands out among the rest, making you more visible, accessible, and appealing through online digital marketing on all platforms.

You can check out our blog to read more about how mngr works with our clients to analyze and understand how the ever-changing world of technology impacts how our client’s brands and how we adapt to maximize their online visibility.


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