To Rebrand or Not?

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Brand entails much more than just what makes up the face of your company. Instead, brand includes everything recognizable about your business, such as the obvious appearance and aesthetics, the personality, the message and purpose, as well as the quality of the products or services you provide. All of these can be identified within a company, and it is crucial to have an understanding of how all of these come across to potential clients.

Within a society that is constantly changing, even more so in certain industries, it’s essential to stay flexible and relevant. Often this entails adjusting marketing campaigns, expanding the line of products that are offered, becoming more interactive with customers via social media, etc. Sometimes, however, this means considering whether or not to rebrand.


There are several scenarios that might occur where a business would, or should, consider rebranding. If you’ve noticed that traffic to your store, in-person or online, has become stale or stagnant, or there’s been a drop in your sales, and you’re seeing minimal conversions, if might be a good time for a facelift. Also, noticing one or more of the following circumstances may mean you’re due for an update:

  • If your brand feels separated or segregated from your original message
  • If you no longer relate to or are no longer proud of the company image
  • If you blend in too much with your company’s competition
  • If the company has grown too big for the brand, if it is branching out, or otherwise restructuring
  • If your intended audience has changed

In addition to these, you may want to pursue a rebranding if you are looking to put a negative company image behind you. We get it, things happen, we all mess up, or sometimes untrue words are spoken, but regardless of the circumstances, it is difficult to take it all back in the end. Sometimes it’s more beneficial to the company to look forward instead of back and focus on creating a positive future for the company, which might entail creating a new image.


Now that we’ve addressed why a company might want to consider rebranding, let’s talk about how rebranding can prove to be beneficial. As we mentioned earlier, its important to stay relevant. One of the ways this can be achieved is by updating your image. You may choose to follow current trends, or become a trendsetter, but making sure that your business isn’t becoming outdated is a surefire way to attract the right kind of attention.

Speaking of attention, rebranding your business and changing the appearance of it opens the possibility of generating fresh interest in your company. You may even attract new customers that would not have noticed or been drawn to your business in the first place. A new appearance can set you apart from the crowd, and give you an advantage over your competitors.


Rebranding can take several forms, depending on how drastic you would like it to be. It can be a complete overhaul, where every part of the brand itself is affected, or it can be minor updates, such as switching out a color or modernizing the logo. Rebranding can mean more than just tweaking the appearance of a company as well, at times, it can also entail a shift in a company’s message or the purpose. One thing rebranding should not be, however, is an implication that the quality of product or service has changed, unless it’s a distinct improvement.


If you’re wondering whether your business needs a rebranding, whether its full scale or small changes, contact us! We have extensive experience in both creating and redoing branding projects, and can help you figure out what will be most beneficial to your business.


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