What is the Internet Saying About You?

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In a world dominated by technology, traditional methods of finding information about individuals and businesses has certainly changed. Gone are the days when people had to solely rely on word-of-mouth or printed materials for recommendations or details about services that a business offers. Now, everything is a click away on computers, tablets, and phones.

What online presence…?

With information being so easily accessible online, it is essential for businesses to stay current with their online presence. “What online presence?” You may ask, if you have not devoted any time to developing one. Regardless of if you’ve created it yourself, however, chances are your business has some sort of reputation on the web, because your customers have an online presence, and they like to talk. Unfortunately, passing around info on the internet typically turns into a game of telephone, and details get changed along the way. This could lead to incorrect information regarding your business and its services being taken as the truth, if you’re not around to correct it.

I don’t think people are talking about me…

Now, there is a slight chance that you do not have an online presence at all, slim as it may be. This is no more positive than your business having a presence online that you are not in control of, however. Whether your business exists online or not, it is crucial to your success to get ahead of the curve, make yourself visible on the web, and ensure that potential customers are getting the correct information.

Is an online presence REALLY necessary?

YES. You want to be where your customers are. Your business should be both visible and discoverable on the internet, where potential clients are looking for solutions to their wants and needs. You also want to be in control of this online presence, making sure that the information presented on multiple platforms is both correct and consistent. You want to have quality online presence management, to ensure that your business is being represented accurately online.

Jeez, OPM sounds like a lot of work.

It is, when being done correctly. Successful online presence management can be time consuming. Good news is, it doesn’t have to be your time consumed. At mngr, we excel at OPM. We utilize tools, like Yext, to scour the many corners of the internet looking for every mention of your business, making sure that the information that is out there is all exactly how it should be.

That all sounds great, but how does it actually help?

Consistency is key when it comes to being well-liked by search engines such as Google. Think about it. Google’s job is to present searchers with the most accurate results. Why would Google present a business that has varying information on different platforms? By finding and addressing any information errors across the internet, your business appears more cohesively, giving Google more incentive to present it and its services to people searching. This, in turn, increases your visibility and discoverability online, leading to more business, which makes you more money.

But wait, there’s more!

So now your business has an online presence, and all the information is accurate, we’re done here, right? Nope! What if you want to change your business hours, or you open a new location? Do you want to go to each individual site that mentions your business and update all of that information manually? How will you know if you updated them all? If you missed one, we are right back to square one, with inaccurate info floating around the internet. What if there was a way to control all of that from one place? Oh wait, there is! We can continue OPM through Yext, updating information as needed, in real time, optimizing your customers’ online experience with your business.

What are you waiting for?


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