Why You Need Website Management In 2018

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Why You Need Website Management In 2018


Yep, it’s time.

If you’re reading this, then I imagine you have a website. And if you have a website, you may know the time and effort that goes into updating and keeping its content current. Or maybe you just a shiny new website built, but are wondering… what’s next? First, let’s understand and discuss what “website management” is.

A typical website has a lot of moving parts like software, plugins, and themes that need updates. Browsers and search engines change as well, often adjusting how your website is viewed or discovered. Domains expire without registration, code versions change, and servers get updated. There are so may variables affecting your website, that the days of set-it-and-forget-it are gone. Period.

“As of January 2018 there were over 1.3 Billion websites on the Internet.” 

Seriously, We Got This

Ok, I totally get it. Performing Maintenance on a website may seem fairly easy. However, the few items I listed above may result in many hours spent per month. You’d have to ask yourself… “what’s my time worth“? Ok. Now think about security, malware, and moderation. Oh, and probably the biggest items yet, which is content. Who makes updates? Who adds products to your store, or adds users for new team members? All of this combined can literally consume hours worthy of a full time job. That’s why you need a website management service like MNGR.

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3 Ways Website Management Increases Revenue


1. Time Saved

Your time is valuable. Our experience shows that business owners who manage their own websites can spend 20-30 hours per month updating software, maintaining plugins, and creating new content. Keeping a website secure, functional, and up to date is necessary, but  can keep you from other tasks that make your business a well-oiled machine. There’s accounting, sales, staffing, and other needs that must be focussed on as well. Think of how much your average hourly pay is, multiply by 30 hours, and you may see how much you’re losing per month.

2. Decreased Expenses

If you have employees you understand the costs associated with them. According to Glassdoor the average salary for a full time website designer is $56,143 and a content manager is $66,094. Even holding those positions on a part time basic can cost a business owner roughly $5000 per month. Now factor in the costs of domain renewals, hosting costs, and software licenses and the expense list keeps growing. A management service like ours significantly cuts expenses on staffing, software licenses, and much more. When you decide to work with MNGR you have website designers, content creators, graphic designers, and digital advertisers all at your disposal. Included in all our service plans!

3. Increased Business

When your website and articles are visible on search engines, you get more business. “4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local informationaccording to a study by Google’s partners. Connecting your business website with search engines, having your pages crawled, and a share of first page results can all bring large amounts of traffic to your business. Relying on an employee to do this can be risky, depending on their craft and skillset. Our team includes search engine optimization experts who have a proven track record of getting our clients visibility on search engines.

Interested In Website Management?

Our team of website experts can make sure your website is maintained, secure, and optimized. We make sure it’s visible on search engines, able to collect leads, sell products efficiently, or do whatever your business requires. We are proficient in nearly a dozen coding languages, content management systems, and can handle nearly any size project. Schedule a consultation over the phone or at our Las Vegas office to discuss your businesses needs and goals today!


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