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In a previous blog post (found here), we discussed how blogging, and keeping a blog on your business website can help to maintain a relevant position online. Continually adding content containing highly-sought-out keywords boosts your visibility in search results and keeps interest piqued. Blogging regularly has additional benefits for your company, however. 

Social Media Presence

Though your business blog may not be directly housed on a social media site, blog posts are easily shared, and are more likely to catch a viewer’s attention than a generic web page share. You can share blogs about specific topics within audiences and groups that are relevant to the content. Blog posts allow for more of a social media presence, as they can be tailored towards certain niches easier than a website as a whole. 

Client Connection

Blogging helps to create and maintain a connection with your company’s clients. By writing and publishing more personal, casual content, you are allowing your clients to get a feel for the company’s personality. This encourages interaction, and fosters a sense of loyalty. When customers can easily connect with a company, they are more likely to continually support it, and recommend it to their peers. Client connection is essential to the success of a business. 

Encourage Feedback

Blogs are typically an open-engagement content. This means that when blogs are posted, they are usually open for comments, questions, and critique. Blogs can be an effective way to gather feedback from your clients, which then can be used to better the specific products or services in question, and increase customer satisfaction. 

Making the Most of Your Business Blog


Before you begin your business blog, brainstorm about what you hope to accomplish. Are you looking to connect deeper with customers? Are you looking to create more sales? Are you looking for more engagement or feedback? Consider your goals, and tailor your posts to achieve them. 


In a business blog, it is essential to maintain a consistent tone, and one that is aligned with the company philosophy. If this consistency is not there, customers can easily become confused, frustrated, or misled. 


Once the connection with your clients is there, it’s important to maintain it. Stay active in your blogs, consistently respond to comments and questions, and address feedback promptly. This connection can make or break your business. 

As you can see, there are many benefits to blogging for your business. We understand that consistently blogging quality content takes time. See how we can help today!


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