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At, we recognize the impact that keeping your online presence optimized can have on the financial success of your business. We use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help your business generate leads by leveraging search engines like Google and Bing to bring you more traffic. How do we do this? Well, one way we do it is by blogging.

Content marketing is the practice of creating and sharing online content to promote your company’s services and products without explicitly stating that. We have ads for that. Instead, the content that you provide should be useful to your readers and provide some insight to your industry (or your community).

Using a blog as a digital marketing tool

When some people think, “blog” they think, “online diary.” This isn’t it. This is using a blog to provide valuable, industry specific insight to your audience while simultaneously using your word count to boost your website’s rank in relevant search results.

You can accomplish this by:

  • Sharing news from around your industry and community
  • Expanding on services, issues, and jargon that industry outsiders may not understand
  • Properly formatting content and using keywords (sparingly)

Share News

Use your blog to share news and information that either impacts your profession or community directly. Tech breakthroughs, legislation, and community events are great areas to focus on. You’re an authority in your field and clients value your opinion on the matter.

Expand on your industry

If you offer products and services that may be complicated or unchartered territory for the general public, a blog is a great way to help inform your potential clientele. You can’t sell a product or service if consumers are unfamiliar with what it is.

Using Keywords Sparingly

The final thing to consider about blogging is how it impacts SEO. Blogging allows you to use keywords (phrases and long-tailed) to reach a larger audience in organic search results. Targeting the right keywords will help you rank online, but spamming keywords can have the opposite effect.

Search engine algorithms have come a long way in determining how they determine what content is worth showing in search results. Consider how business listings can impact your brand’s visibility and even the way that Smart Speakers change the way that digital advertisers use SEO.

How MNGR can optimize your website

At mngr, we create SEO-friendly content for your website and blog so that you can increase the number of leads that you see from online traffic. In addition to blogging we also leverage search engines and directories in order to drive more traffic to your site in order to generate more leads from organic searches. Let’s talk about how we can help your business grow today.


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